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The Brighton Methadone Clinic stands as a symbol of hope for battling opioid addicts. In the middle of the vibrant entertainment city, Brighton, where dreams and possibilities make up the ocean breeze and drug addiction continues to wreck havoc in the lives of people across the world; Brighton Methadone Clinic provides the treatment, support, and aid critical in helping patients find a life free from drug addiction.

In clinics that are designed to help treat the dependence on opioids such as morphine and heroin, Methadone is used to help the person to withdraw from drugs. Methadone clinics are these people’s lifeline to sanity. The Brighton Methadone Clinic is no exception to that; with a full staff of medical professionals available and the latest in medical technologies, they strive to help rid people of these terrible drugs every day.

If one were to walk into the facility as a patient he or she can expect the very best in compassionate care, staff each staff member is more than happy to help.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), primarily with methadone, is the treatment used at the Clinic. Methadone, a long-acting opioid agonist medication, is used to prevent withdrawal symptoms and diminish cravings, allowing patients to stabilize their lives and address medical, psychiatric, and social needs.

We offer both detox and maintenance treatment: the latter is the recommended treatment duration for most patients with a history of opioid addiction.

Under medical supervision, patients receive a dose of methadone that will last approximately 24 hours. The dose of methadone can be gradually decreased if a patient is doing well; if not, the patient’s dose can be increased or additional services provided. Brain-oriented psychiatric and medical care are especially important in this patient population.

Methadone is provided in a highly regulated, daily-dosing clinic by specially trained nurses and doctors under the supervision of medical director Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar, MD, MPH. doses of methadone; these doses are accompanied by targeted counseling and behavioral therapies to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction.

Brighton Methadone Clinic values ACCESSIBILITY. We believe that addiction has no boundaries, therefore we strive to make our services as accessible as possible.

Whether it be flexible scheduling, the use of telemedicine, or outreach programs, BMHR is working towards a goal of being completely accessible to everyone who needs our help, regardless of location. Our goal is for everyone who needs it to have the ability “to get it”.

Additionally, the Brighton Methadone Clinic is not only an accommodation to those in need but a meeting ground for a plethora of activities that will benefit not only the patients of the clinic but also the city of Brighton and its people. The Methadone clinic is heavily involved in community-based programming.

Daily the clinic outreach educators meet with a variety of agencies educating them on addiction and treatment. Every month, we provide two staff in services to our community partners, including doctors, mental health providers, and shelter workers in the area.

Every month the clinic also meets at a transitional housing organization for the Department of Parole. We facilitate family educational seminars for those parents in recovery and interested in regaining custody of their children.

We have protracted a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club to teach substance abuse prevention to their members. Lastly, but arguably most effectively, we host clinical psychology interns from local colleges who provide counseling and group therapy to our clients three times a week.

Methadone clinics are faced with their own set of challenges despite their otherwise invaluable services. Funding constraints, regulatory barriers, and commonplace misconceptions about the treatment medication are a few examples of obstacles they encounter as routine tasks and the possibility of growth.

However, these clinics stay strong in banding together and sharing a common vision for saving lives against addiction – those addicted to opioids will not receive top-notch treatment or the medications they need to battle out withdrawal and sobriety crises.

The methadone clinic in Brighton is changing lives and giving an overall feeling or impression of hope to those people who have been going to the clinic. The clinic focuses on healing from addictions, it is a one-stop shop and it is also easily accessible from the bus line is another thing that attracts people to the clinic in Brighton.

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