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Many of you wondering why should I learn to change my car tyres, I can just go to a mechanic and get them changed. But what if your tyres got punctured in the middle of the road? You have a spare tyre in your car trunk but you don’t know how to change the tyre. In this situation, you feel helpless, so it is better to know the skill to change a tyre to avoid these situations. 

In rare cases, your tyres get punctured if you use high-quality tyres such as Continental Tyres in Birmingham, but tyre puncture can happen even if you have the best tyres.

In this blog post, we are going to share a step-by-step guide to changing car tyres by yourself, if you are interested in knowing then continue reading.

How To Change A Car Tyre?

Changing a car tyre is not a difficult job to do. You will not require the strength of a weightlifter to get the job done. This is a skill you can learn and can be acquired by anyone willing to know. You just need certain tools along with the car while other tools are available in the tool kit, which will make it very easy for you to change a tyre. You will need to purchase in advance to easily change your car tyre.

  • Gloves: Wearing gloves while changing the tyres will protect your hands from any possible cuts and also improve the grip.
  • 2 Small Flat Wooden Boards: Ensure to add flat wooden pieces which should be approximately 2×6 inches. This will help to secure the jack in one place.
  • A Working Flashlight: It is a useful tool when you change your car tyre at night or in a place where is too low.
  • Wheel Wedges: This block will be useful to lock other wheels in place when you are changing your flat tyre.
  • Raincoat: This is optional but as you know in the UK rains are unpredictable so it will be better to purchase a raincoat.

How To Change My Car Tyre?

Step 1: Look For A Safe Place

Look for a safe place to pull over your car when you realise that your car a has flat tyre. Do not turn your steering wheel suddenly as it will be dangerous for you and other vehicles moving on the road. Find a safe place to park your car and get off and change the tyre. You should park your car with enough amount of safe space between the car and the road. 

Step 2: Switch The Parking Lights On

Switch on the hazard lights or parking lights to alert other vehicles. So that others can notice the blinking lights from a distance and you can change the tyre safely.

Step 3: Park By Engaging The Hand-break

To park your car pull the hand-break to its highest point. This will ensure your car remains locked in one place while you change your car tyres.

Step 4: Secure The Wheel Wedges 

Insert the wheel wedges behind the tyres to ensure your car will not move when forced to remove the wheels. These wheel wedges are useful when you have parked your car on an inclined road to secure its position.

Step 5: Remove Wheel Covers

In general, most cars nowadays are protected with wheel covers. These need to be removed before you can reach the nuts of the tyres. Check your car manual to get a better understanding of how this is done. Different car models have different settings when it comes to wheel covers.

Step 6: Loosen The Lug Nuts Halfway

Lose the lug nuts of the wheel but only halfway before you lift the car using a jack. It helps you to easily remove the lug nuts because if you lift your car first then your tyre will keep rotating. Lose the wheel lug nuts by using a wrench. Check that you are using the correct wrench size.

Step 7: Place The Wooden Boards To Secure The Jack

Place the jack point under your car place the wooden boards under the jacking point and keep the jack on them. Next, attach the jack to the jacking point and lift the car until you see a small gap between the ground and the tyre.

Step 8: Remove The Lug Nuts And Replace The Flat Tyre

Next, unscrew the lug nuts using a wrench and remove all the lug nuts. Remove the flat tyre from the car and replace it with a spare tyre.

Step 9: Screw Lug Nuts And Replace Wheel Cover

The last thing you need to do is screw the lug nuts halfway and lower your car. Remove the wooden boards and jack after the tyre touches the ground. Screw all the lug nuts tightly and place the wheel cover in the wheel.

Collect all the tools and safely put them in the car. Fill the air in your tyre using a portable tyre inflator and check the tyre pressure. If you do not have the proper tool, you can visit the nearest garage and get your tyre checked. 


Hope you get an idea for changing your car tyres. Ensure you have at least one spare tyre in your car trunk. If you don’t have one. Then we recommend you Buy Tyres in Birmingham so that you can easily exchange your flat tyres with spare ones.

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